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More Ice Circle Photos

We have been requested to provide more ice circle photos that we took in November 2000 ... the initial posting provided one or two photos on each date as we witnessed their progression (some of which are repeated here).  These photos were taken in Celista, British Columbia Canada which is in the district of the "North Shuswap" (located half way between Salmon Arm and Kamloops).  The photos were taken on a small pond in our back yard ... the size of the pond was about 100 ft. by 150 ft.  We lived on this property from April 1997 up to June 2003.  The only year we witnessed these Ice Circles on the pond was in 2000.

Pictures were taken between November 13 and November 26, 2000
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There are 48 pictures on this page ... Please Be Patient

wpe46235.gif (366867 bytes) We first discovered the Ice Circles on November 13, 2000 ... after our first freeze.  The ice covering the pond is very thin as can be seen in this photo.

Accordingly it is not possible to walk on this pond.


Another view taken November 13, 2000 ... notice that there is no snow on the ground to account for how these were formed. wpe86058.gif (356854 bytes)

We are going to add more pictures here following this patch of snow in the East corner of the pond

wpe42555.gif (384448 bytes) November 13, 2000 ...   patch of snow on the right of photo. 


November 13, 2000 ... closer look at patch of snow ... with a proper view it actually looked like an elongated Star of David wpe22700.gif (324701 bytes)


wpe96846.gif (366836 bytes) November 13, 2000 ... little later in the day the patch of snow is starting to melt.

November 15, 2000 ... patch of snow has completely melted along with the ice underneath it providing a glassy contrast in the entire shape of the original snow formation ... this is similar to the center points of each circle which were also molten holes.  (note the color change in the photos was due to a change in film)

wpe41033.gif (381490 bytes)


November 15, 2000 ...

What is becoming more evident is that each circle has a hole in the center of it

wpe22808.gif (357574 bytes)

wpe36476.gif (342578 bytes) November 15, 2000 ...

South-West to North-East angle


November 15, 2000 ...

South to North-East angle

wpe78116.gif (338388 bytes)


wpe73969.gif (315943 bytes)

November 16, 2000 ...

Again the hole in the center of the circles ... many of these holes will still be evident even after heavy snowfall (see November 26 pictures)


November 16, 2000 ... although the pond is still frozen the ice is obviously getting thinner

South to North/East angle

wpe60714.gif (337857 bytes)

We are adding 10 more pictures from November 16 below ... which we found while unpacking boxes

wpe14075.gif (347888 bytes) November 16, 2000 ...(1)

Notice the dark ring around the small circle in the center back of picture (appears in the next 2 pictures as well) ... this is about the location in which the spirals appeared a few days later (South-West to North-East angle)


November 16, 2000 ...(2)

South-West to North-East angle

wpe20195.gif (368804 bytes)


wpe69856.gif (328650 bytes) November 16, 2000 ...(3)

South-West to North-East angle


November 16, 2000 ...(4)

South to North angle

wpe94585.gif (332577 bytes)


wpe28280.gif (291618 bytes) November 16, 2000 ...(5)

West to East angle


November 16, 2000 ...(6)

East to North angle

wpe92884.gif (327596 bytes)


wpe16982.gif (367342 bytes) November 16, 2000 ...(7)

South to East angle


November 16, 2000 ...(8)

East to South angle

wpe26176.gif (346976 bytes)


wpe41169.gif (345187 bytes) November 16, 2000 ...(9)

East side of pond where small spirals appeared on the 20th


November 16, 2000 ...(10)

East to North angle

wpe43631.gif (359695 bytes)

We have no pictures for November 17 (we found some that were taken on the 18th) ... at this point there was a light snow and we thought the show was over ... how wrong we were.

We are going to add more pictures here following the progress of the large SPIRAL FORMATIONS ... I orginally put up two new images on this page however, while unpacking some boxes we came across an additional 10 photos of the spirals ... A couple of these new photos show two smaller spirals on the East side of the pond.  We will number these 10 photos  and insert them with the current 6 in what appears to be the timing order as the snow melted.

wpe51718.gif (258359 bytes)


November 18, 2000 ...
photo taken in early evening shows the pond covered in snow

South-West to East angle



November 18, 2000 ...

A little melting starting
in a few spots

South-West to North-East angle

wpe41029.gif (256398 bytes)


wpe28297.gif (358162 bytes)


November 18, 2000 ...

South to North angle


November 19, 2000 ...  

What have we here?  Looks like two large spirals.
wpe50439.gif (263044 bytes)


wpe75432.gif (288147 bytes)


November 19, 2000 ...

slightly different angle


November 19, 2000 ...   the snow melted quickly and the large spirals underneath become very evident wpe10034.gif (276067 bytes)


wpe81879.gif (340085 bytes)


November 19, 2000 ...

South-West to North-East angle



November 19, 2000 ...

South to North on West side of pond

wpe64615.gif (353499 bytes)


wpe58421.gif (254080 bytes)


November 20, 2000 ...

Just a little snow left ... South to North on West side of pond


November 20, 2000 ... the spirals remain ... I believe there has been other formations similar to this image recorded in other locations ... however, we have not seen elsewhere any images like the ones we took from the 13th to the 16th wpe07956.gif (254547 bytes)


wpe96863.gif (287750 bytes) November 20, 2000 ... another angle of the spirals



November 21, 2000 ... the Spirals are still evident.  Notice the two spirals back to back ... we refer to this as a Unified Field ... which is created by two opposite rotating spirals. wpe21083.gif (292941 bytes)


wpe60723.gif (326879 bytes)


November 21, 2000 ...

West to East angle




November 21, 2000 ...

South-West to East angle

wpe23471.gif (266253 bytes)


wpe97620.gif (339880 bytes)


November 20, 2000 ...

Two smaller spirals appear on the East side of the pond (enlarged below)

Enlargement of #9 above

wpe97620.gif (339880 bytes)



November 21, 2000 ...

East side of pond ... smaller spirals not so evident today.

wpe45221.gif (317414 bytes)

We took a total of 5 pictures on November 24, 2000 which showed "Balls of Light" over the pond ... we originally posted 2 of those photos (below) and will add the other three with them here.

wpe19525.gif (319228 bytes) November 24, 2000 ... now we have some real snow ... look at the balls of light over the pond (commonly referred to as Orbs).  These were not evident to the naked eye.  Perhaps we now know what created the Ice Circles ???


Another image from November 24, 2000 ... notice the large ball of light in the foreground ... and the holes in the ice which were once the center of the Ice Circles wpe03210.gif (315495 bytes)


wpe08237.gif (320511 bytes) November 24, 2000 ... more balls of light


November 24, 2000 ...

More balls of light and holes in the ice

wpe99761.gif (321817 bytes)


wpe56214.gif (292296 bytes) November 24, 2000 ...

More balls of light

The last series of photos we took of this event was on November 26, 2000 after a couple of inches of snow had fallen on the pond ... the holes in the ice are still evident in these photos (must be warmer somehow) ... and if you look closely you can still see the spirals under the snow.  We took a total of 5 pictures all of which we have posted here.

wpe17513.gif (263394 bytes)


wpe95862.gif (1051702 bytes)


more_13.jpg (48616 bytes)


wpe52073.gif (288895 bytes)


wpe79713.gif (217839 bytes)

That's It ... for more photos of the Celista Ice Circles
see our original posting ...


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